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JSC Baltic Cranes Technologies is the producer and supplier of tower cranes. The cranes are certified and have all the required certificates and other technical documentation for operation in European Union, Russion Federation, Republic of Belarus and Ukraine.

We use the latest technologies in our products therefore our cranes compete with world-wide tower crane producers such as LIEBHERR, POTAIN, ZEPPELIN ect. BCT cranes successfully operate at the building sites in Baltic Countries, Russion Federation and Republic of Belarus


  • Design of tower cranes;

  • Production of tower cranes;

  • Erection of tower cranes;

  • Service and repair of tower cranes;

  • Sales and rental of tower cranes.

We are focused on customer needs therefore we try to improve delivery terms and service on a daily basis.

Mums svarbu žinoti kiekvieno kliento nuomonę apie mūsų profesionalumą.

Our partners: SMIE, SEW-Eurodrive, SKF, Schneider, LAPPmiltronic and others.

Our team

Our team of highly qualified engineers and technicians can provide all the required information as well as troubleshooting for all our products.

Our partners

We cooperate with reliable partners who guarantee the highest quality and riability.

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